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related protective measures

Caring for your health and well-being has always been and is now more than ever our absolute priority. You can be certain that we welcome you under prevention and social distancing conditions aligned in every respect with the health requirements and regulations in force to protect you. Our teams work on this subject in close collaboration with the physicians of the clinics composing our affiliated company Swiss Medical Network, in order to ensure constant vigilance within our establishments as well as to implement the governmental regulations and advice issued by public health authorities.

Please note that due to the current frequently changing regulations, there may be changes in opening hours at short notice.

For all travellers

Disinfection stations
Disinfection stations are available for you throughout the hotel, including the hotel rooms. 

To ensure the protection of all of us, our employees wear disposable or fabric gloves where it is necessary.

Hygiene measures
All employees are intensively trained and sensitised to the current situation. We have increased the cleaning frequency of the public areas.

Newspaper and Magazine
For hygienic reasons, we will not provide newspapers and magazines this winter.

Protective mask
Wearing a protective mask is still compulsory in the following places:
•    In all shops
•    In the waiting area and in/on all mountain railways (incl. ski lifts and chair lifts)
•    In all electric cars, taxis, and buses
If you do not have a protective mask available at the moment, our reception will be happy to help you out.
Our entire staff is still wearing a protective mask throughout the entire hotel.

We carry out room cleaning in the usual hygienic manner. We take care to touch our guests' personal belongings as less as possible. 
Due to the intense cleaning it may take longer (until late afternoon) until your room is cleaned during your stay. We appreciate your understanding.
If you would like to deliberately forego room cleaning, please let us know. If you are staying in your room at the time of cleaning, we take the liberty of not cleaning your room.
Important: We kindly ask you to air your room regularly during your stay. This is for the health of our staff. Thank you! 

Room Keys
All room keys are disinfected by us before they are issued. We kindly ask you to take good care of your room key and to return it to us in the box provided at the reception before departure so that we can clean and disinfect it again.

For travellers with a COVID certificate

To make your stay easier, we check your COVID certificate at check-in. With a valid COVID certificate none of the restrictions apply anymore, meaning the mandatory use of face masks, social distancing, maximum capacities, and table registration at the restaurant. However, we do appreciate you continuing to implement some of these protective measures.

Restaurants & Bar
We will be happy to personally attend you to your table in all outlets (incl. breakfast). Please wait at the restaurant entrance if we are serving other guests. Like this we can verify your certificate.

For travellers without a COVID certificate

Travelers without a COVID certificate underline following rules:

We will be happy to bring your suitcases to your room on request. If you are in the room already, we will place it IN FRONT OF your room.

The access to the breakfast area, is restricted. We can deliver a breakfast box to your room. Please order this the day before at the reception.

We ask you to wash your hands or to disinfect them before opening the minibar.

Restaurants & Bar
The restaurant area is not allowed to be entered. This also includes the bar and smoking lounge. Meals in the hotel can only be ordered through the room service. Our employees will only enter your room if you are wearing a protective mask.

Protective mask
If you have a medical certificate stating that you cannot wear a protective mask, please contact our reception team, and hand us this certificate upon arrival.

Spa & gym
These areas are not allowed to be entered.

Throughout the establishment :

  • Thorough training of each staff member in terms of preventive measures and compliance with health regulations in the workplace
  • Systematic personnel temperature checks at the start of each shift
  • Hand-sanitizer dispensers available in all areas open to the public and in all staff areas
  • Masks provided for guests and people from outside the hotel
  • Regular disinfection of common areas following a strict protocol and using certified equipment and products
  • Masks worn by all staff members
  • Furniture systematically disinfected between each service  
  • Provision of a hand sanitizer in your room upon your arrival
  • Masks provided for spa treatments if a guest wishs to wear one
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